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I have had camera's all my life, and have the pleasure of being raised on Film camera's to me this was the best training that any photographer needs as it helps to let you understand all you need to know about photography. In the digital era it contribute immensely to the understanding of how things work such as Depth of field, Apertures and Focal Length and using a computer is not to far off the old Dark-Room, as many the so called new tricks have been used in the past. As for the Weddings I just love getting involved in the planning stage as I feel it gives you the chance to find out more about the Bride & Groom and gives you a feel for what they want from me as there Photographer for there big day. I also spend a lot of time with my Studio Portraits and Portfolio's for several students, especially Hair and Makeup Artists. So any job that you require just get in touch and I can discuss anything that you might require.